Mega-Bm Syrup

Mega-Bm Syrup
Mega-Bm Syrup
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Weight: 200 ml

 Description :

 In general, machine doesnot work properly if it is not being used similarly brain also does not work ifwe do not utilize our brain. Human being use only 10%, a very small portion oftheir brain to do their work.  So we should always keep our brain active.Today life style needs a fast and sharp brain to sustain. Mega BM is a tonicwhich helps in regulates brain power. Make brain stronger, healthier andsharper.

Weknow everyone today is living a very stressful life with lots of work pressure.They do not take proper rest. Body and brain do not get proper rest whichresults in mental and psychological problem. Mega BM is a syrup which helps inrelaxing brain.


  • It relaxes the mind from stress and anxiety
  • It enhances the brain activity and thinking power
  • It keeps the mind stable and strong
  • Makes the mind sharp


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